About CAP Food Pantries

Salt Lake Community Action Program is a not-for-profit organization that provides a wide range of services aimed at helping low-income people become self-sufficient. The Neighborhood Centers Program was created to bring CAP’s services closer to the residents of the areas being served.

There are five centers in Salt Lake County and one in Tooele County. Emergency food pantries are located in each. The pantries provide a 3-day supply of groceries to community members suffering from hunger and food insecurity. The goal of the pantry program is to help feed families and individuals who are in desperate need of assistance. Clients can receive one food share per month, although in emergency situations this general rule can be extended.

The CAP Redwood Pantry serves nearly 100 families per day. They often wait in line for 2+ hours.

Clients are served on a first-come, first-served basis, and no appointment is required. Needs are determined by filling out an intake form, which in addition to emergency food, analyzes other needs that may help the household become more self-sufficient.

Melissa Stapley (left), Neighborhood Specialist, with volunteers at the Murray Pantry.

Each pantry has one paid full-time staff person, which allows the centers to operate 5 days per week, 8 hours per day. However, the demand for service at each of the pantries is much more than a single employee is capable of. The pantries render a tremendous amount of service, some serving 100’s of clients daily, and assistance from volunteers is absolutely essential in day-to-day operations. Volunteers are always needed, and very much appreciated at all of our pantries. Please visit our Volunteers page to learn more about how you can help fight food insecurity in your community.

The food distributed at the CAP pantries is mostly provided by the Utah Food Bank. The Neighborhood Food Centers are the largest distributor in the state of food donated to and rescued by the Utah Food Bank. Last year, SLCAP pantries distributed over 7 million pounds of food from the Food Bank. Other donations from local food drives and community members are always welcome, especially at Christmas and Thanksgiving. Donations of baby items such as formula, diapers, and personal hygiene items for all ages are always accepted at the pantries. Please see our Donations page for more information on delivering donations. Corporate donations and service days can also be organized. Our Donations page has information on planning group or service days and organizing donation collections for one of the neighborhood pantries.

The Neighborhood Centers program also has a large responsibility in providing referrals to CAP’s other services for low-income households. These include HeadStart, Weatherization, Emergency Housing, Home Ownership Counseling, Rent & Deposit Assistance, Utility Assistance, Landlord-Tenant Mediation, Advocacy and Employment Readiness.

Much of the funding for the program comes from Community Service Block Grants (CSBG), Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) and the United Way. Small donations of cash, office supplies, and maintenance are always needed and always appreciated. Please see our Wish List to learn how your donation can help fight food insecurity and poverty in your community.


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